Therapy Issues

Having worked with a wide range of people, I have experience with a wide range of presenting concerns. The following, however, describe areas in which I have particular expertise.

Identity Development, Self-image, and Self-esteem

Everyone has some part of who we are that was hidden, lost, or disowned; we may come to a point where we want to re-discover or embrace that lost part. I can help you come to terms with who you are and celebrate your true vocation, your abuse survivor status, your hidden talents, your full emotional range, and more. I have particular experience in helping transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay people embrace their gender identity and sexual orientation.


Perhaps you have striven to create something of beauty, something useful, or a thing that will express your deepest passion. There are many roadblocks on this path. I can help you understand and work through the barriers to your creative expression. In particular, I offer coaching in writing—both fiction and non-fiction—from the perspective of psychological growth.

Family of Origin Issues

Our growing up experiences and especially the way we interacted with our families have a powerful effect on our current functioning. For some, childhood involved easily identifiable trauma. For others, the effects were more subtle. For example, maybe you were the introvert trying to live up to your family’s expectations of extraversion. Or you knew you must try to heal your father’s pain, but you never knew how. I can help you identify and care for the wounds caused by family neglect or abuse, substance abuse, bullying, codependency, or other dysfunctional family behaviors.

Existential Concerns

The Big Questions (“Who am I?” “What is my purpose?” “What does it mean to die?”) may or may not be in the front our minds, but they almost inevitably inform every other question or struggle in our lives. I can give you ways of exploring bravely and creatively your mortality, your life potential, your limitations, and your capacity to thrive.

Life Decisions and Transitions

When we find ourselves at a life milestone, therapy can help clarify our decision-making and make us fully aware of our motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. I can help you identify pitfalls and sources of joy such that you can make the transition with confidence.

Self-alienation, e.g., Depression, Anxiety, Fear

Self-alienation is the result of interacting with the world in a way that denies part of who we are. Thus we are in contact with only a part of ourselves. This self-denial often is a necessary adaptation to an unsupportive or even dangerous environment. Healing the depression, anxiety, or fear involves creating a safe place to explore what is cut off, coming to terms with the situations that made that cutting off necessary, and building new connection to that part.

Grief and Loss

Sometimes we require extra support when reacting to a loss. Current loss can trigger unresolved feelings around past losses. Often our experience of loss is complicated by a variety of seemingly contradictory feelings. I can provide the structure to help you navigate this difficult period, integrate the new reality, and grow from the experience.